Updates of CAIS 2020 Distinguished Speakers--The 9th China Aviation Industry Summit 2020 & Lingyun Award Annual Ceremony!

  At present, the international aviation manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. Various new technologies, new materials, and new technologies are constantly developing. The upstream and downstream of the industry chain are facing many challenges such as resource integration and technological breakthroughs. Cross-industry collaboration has become the key to improving the competitiveness of international aviation manufacturing companies. Against this background, the 9th China Aviation Industry Forum with the theme of “Collaborative Innovation to Promote the Development of Aviation Industry” will be held from February 27-28, 2020 in Tianjin, China. At that time, about 300 company leaders and experts will gather together to discuss topics like global aviation manufacturing technology innovation and cooperation, intelligent manufacturing, advanced aviation materials, avionics and other topics through keynote speeches, CEO dialogues, interactive exchanges, and other topics, and to explore and develop new market partners.

【Agenda at A Glance】

  Day 1 Morning: Global Aviation Manufacturing Technology Innovation and Cooperation

  Day 1 Afternoon: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology - Intelligent Manufacturing

  Day 2: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology - Materials and Processing Innovation

  Day 2: Cutting-edge Aviation Technology - Airborne System Innovation

【Part of Confirmed Speakers】

【Hot Topics】

  Global Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Cooperation

  Development Prospects and Key Technologies of Domestic Aircraft Manufacturing

  How to Further Consolidate the Position as a Global Aircraft Manufacture

  New Trends in Aviation Industry and New Technology for Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing

  Lightweight Material Development and the Processing

  Development and Engineering Progress of Single Crystal/Directional Turbine Blades of Aero-engine

  Application of Composite Technology in Contemporary Aircraft Structures

  Innovative Bio-based Fiber Materials Help Sustainable Development of the Aviation Industry

  The development of IMA system

  Next Generation Flight Control System

  Key Technologies for Airborne Communication and Navigation Systems

  Advanced Technology for Cockpit Display Control System

  Aircraft Intelligent Structure Technology: Structural Health Monitoring Intelligent Skin

【Award Declaration】

The world’s biggest manufacturing equipment markets